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Good governance at is a Spanish foundation started by ACCIONA, S.A. in 2008 with the name of ACCIONA Microenergia, which was registered in the Spain Ministry of Education, Social Policy and Sport's Assistance Foundations Registry with number 28-1544.

Nowadays it is registered with number 917SND in the Spain Ministry of Justice's State Foundations Unique Registry created in 2015. It is also registered as NGO in the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (so called AECID) with number 2421.

Its CIF (VAT number) is G85577732 and its registered office is on Avenida de Europa num. 18 at Alcobendas (Madrid, Spain).

Being the ACCIONA's corporate foundation, adopts the company's commitment to good governance, ethics, integrity and transparency. With this aim, we share the documents showing our founding principles, our annual goals, and their execution represented in economic reports, with the public.

We also share our annual reports, where we include a summary on the Foundation's Corporate Governance, we explain the actions performed in a narrative way, we show the results of those actions, and we reflect the increasingly positive impacts on the communities where we work.

We make an estimate to measure those impacts that we also link to their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, through an own methodology based on:

  • our actions' impact measurement made by third parties,
  • the data collected in the surveys carried out among users before and after the execution of our projects, and
  • the UNFCC's Clean Development Mechanism methodologies.

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Our annual reports show the evolution of how, through providing access to basic services, we favour the Development of the low-income communities where we work.


(Reports only available in Spanish version)