We improve electricity service with new systems in Oaxaca

  • In Oaxaca, we have installed 350 new solar home systems that improve service in households that have benefited for more than 10 years and provide new families with access to electricity.
  • The current electricity access model implemented with Luz en Casa Oaxaca is the result of the commitment to permanence of acciona.org in the communities.

We have completed another phase of the Luz en Casa Programme in Oaxaca, improving access to the electricity service we have been providing to remote rural communities in Mexico since 2012.

After more than ten years benefiting families in Oaxaca with our solar home systems, we have replaced the systems in some households to ensure that they continue to enjoy quality electricity through an improved service provision system. Technological innovation has allowed us to offer new solar home systems with better guarantees than the others they had before.

Now, families have more hours of electricity and more power per day: more lighting and the ability to connect new electronic devices. The new systems make it possible to connect a blender to prepare juices or a small ventilator in warm weather, improving the routine of the beneficiaries.

The programme has also benefited people for the first time with Luz en Casa Oaxaca. New Chinantec, Mixes, Zapotec and Chontal communities that did not have electricity have joined the project after seeing how families close to their areas benefit from a reliable, sustainable and affordable service.

The installation of these 350 new third-generation solar home systems responds to the continuous improvement the supply model of acciona.org, as a result of its permanent presence in the beneficiary communities.

Luz en Casa Oaxaca guarantees the operability and, therefore, the continuity of access to a basic electricity service that has a positive impact on education, health, productivity and entertainment in the most remote rural communities of Mexico. The supply model is similar to that implemented with Luz en Casa in other countries, at a technological, management and economic level, guaranteeing sustainability and affordability.


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