Mexican users of



Their involvement makes possible our projects achieve the expected results

The users

The main actor in the management models is the user. Firstly, because we only work with those households and communities that accept to be part of our projects. Then, because we achieve the results due to their involvement to meet the service conditions, to become representatives of their communities in the management of our programmes and, in addition, to be trained and work as local technicians who offer electric services to their neighbours.

These guarantee the offered service gives every possible application, as well as it impacts positively on the users' health, education, economy and environment. They explain by their own what implies in their lives:

    • Mrs Elina, user of Luz en Casa Oaxaca She explained that she could perform her tasks without any risk of falling or damaging due not to see well in the night.

    • Sofia, user of Luz en Casa Oaxaca She likes looking at her children doing their homework neither straining their eyes nor inhaling the smoke from the oil lamp.

    • Bertha, user of Luz en Casa Oaxaca She can serve meal in the night with the light, and she can also give service of mobile charging to the drivers travelling by the road where her shop is located.

    • Luis and Juan, users of Luz en Casa Oaxaca Now these little twins can walk around their home without carrying the oil lamp they used previously.

    • Gilmer and Maria, micro franchisees of a Centro Luz en Casa in Cajamarca Gilmer explained his success as an entrepreneur thanks to the support of his partner and wife Maria: they sell light bulbs to their neighbours as well as people from other communities.

    • Virginia, user of Luz en Casa Oaxaca Previously she lighted up with a gas device, which emitted a flame shining fine but spending a lot.

    • Josefina, user of Luz en Casa Oaxaca Not having light was really sad; it’s dark in the mountain. Sometimes I bought candles to lighting for a while, but I only could when sales went well.

    • Irene, user of Luz en Casa Oaxaca When she comes back home, even though it’s not too late, the sky is getting dark and she uses her torch to light the path she must walk for one hour every day.

    • Isauro, user of Luz en Casa Oaxaca Previously, when it got dark, working was hard for him; the light of the candle didn’t shine enough, and it implied many costs.

    • Esmeralda, user of Luz en Casa Oaxaca She’s a 17-year-old mother with two children who previously had to go up to the mountain to cut firewood and in this way she had light to breast-feed her baby in the night, even though it generated smoke.

    • Celso, micro franchisee of a Centro Luz en Casa in Cajamarca He sells electric devices, as well as develop commercial tasks: show the products, their origin, required power, and the importance of connecting compatible devices to the solar system.

    • Emilio, user of Luz en Casa Oaxaca He had many benefits with the light, and he connects his phone, radio, a TV now… and his wife walk with her torch because “they are her eyes in the dark”.