Peru wins the 'Creatividad Empresarial' award with Luz en Casa

  • Peru has been recognized for its positive environmental impact in the communities and environments where it operates since 2009.
  • In Peru, the Luz en Casa programme avoids the emission of 4,700 t CO2 and the non-controlled disposal of 33.64 t of batteries each year thanks to its solution for the provision of electricity through solar home systems. Peru wins the ‘Creatividad Empresarial’ award in the Management with Purpose category for Environmental Impact. In this category the Luz en Casa initiative competed with other programmes with a positive environmental impact.

For 27 years, the ‘Creatividad Empresarial’ award has been promoting the development of a culture of creativity and continuous innovation and recognizes innovative products, services, processes or strategies that have achieved a transcendent impact on the generation of value within their organization.

In Peru, the Luz en Casa initiative of seeks to improve the quality of life of isolated rural communities living in poverty and extreme poverty by providing a sustainable electricity service that contributes to their social, economic and environmental development. Each year, Luz en Casa avoids the emission of some 4,700 t CO2 and the non-controlled disposal of 33.64 t of batteries thanks to its solution through solar home systems.

The award was presented to Jessica Olivares, manager at Peru, who attended the award ceremony together with Eder Falcón, project manager of Peru, and Ernesto Vizcarra, general manager of ACCIONA Concesiones. Jessica Olivares said in her speech that "[rural communities] have the same right as everyone else to have access to energy in their households".

"In addition to access to energy, we develop awareness for the care of their environment, of water, of not disposing of the batteries they used for lighting in the river" explains Jessica Olivares about the work that does with the communities in relation to environmental sustainability.

The initiative of Peru reduces health risks for the beneficiaries and their environment. The use of solar home systems reduces outdoor pollution by avoiding CO2 emissions (some 4,700 t/year) and the non-controlled use and disposal of batteries (33.64 t/year). Equally, or more important, is the reduction of indoor pollution: the availability of electric lighting reduced diseases due to smokes and not-enough lighting brightness from candles, kerosene, firewood, etc.

This electrification program, started in Peru in 2009 benefiting 10 households in Cajamarca, has grown to 10,500 more in 2023 in Cajamarca, Loreto and Cusco, with more than 50,000 people benefiting in Peru.