Peruvian women entrepreneurs strengthen Luz en Casa

  • The number of Centros Luz en Casa managed by women entrepreneurs in Peru has increased to 8 in the last year.
  • They contribute with the beneficiaries of the Luz en Casa programme to offer user service and the programme contributes to the strengthening and visibility of their skills.

Picture: Delia, a new local entrepreneur in charge of a Centro Luz en Casa.


Delia is a young entrepreneur who has a small store that is ready to offer services to Luz en Casa beneficiaries in the district of Morona, in the Peruvian Amazon. When users of electricity service access programme os need advice, technical support or maintenance of their solar home system, they can go to the nearest Centro Luz en Casa (CLC) and the entrepreneur in charge of the CLC will help them.

Since last February, Delia has been hosting, in her local store, the Centro Luz en Casa of Morona (department of Loreto). Peru has trained her in the technical tasks of service maintenance, as all the entrepreneurs who have a CLC in their store. This guarantees the sustainability of the energy access service in the long term.

This year 4 new CLCs have been opened in the Amazon area, due to the high number of households benefited during the year 2022 in that department and the need to extend the advice and maintenance centers to more people. These four CLC are managed by four women entrepreneurs: Yaqueline in Manseriche, Diana in Alianza Cristiana, Shantall in Caballococha and Delia in Morona. New opportunities, economic independence and social development.

In addition, 4 of the 5 centers opened last year in the Peruvian departments of Cusco and Loreto were also hosted by women's entrepreneurs. In total, there are 24 CLCs in this country and 8 are managed by women. The small store of Grimaneza, Lourdes, Erika, Sarita, Yaqueline, Delia, Diana and Shantall. This reflects an increase in women participation in the development of projects in Peru last year., through access to energy, water and sanitation, also has an impact on the rest of the Sustainable Development Goals. We contribute to gender equality with concrete actions to achieve more inclusive realities in our areas of cooperation: we favor the participation of women in decision-making and promote local enterprises managed by women to host Centros Luz en Casa. In relation to this, in Peru, more than 347 women participate in community governance decisions and 8 women's entrepreneurs are responsible for the supplies and services of the Luz en Casa programme. projects are implemented with a gender perspective to guarantee equal opportunities for all people without discrimination.