lights up remote households in the Chilean Andes

  • Luz en Casa Coquimbo benefits isolated households from the Chilean coast to the interior of the country, improving the quality of life and employment opportunities of families dedicated to the fishing sector and livestock farming.
  • extends access to sustainable and affordable basic electricity service to remote households in the provinces of the Coquimbo region: Elquí, Limarí and Choapa.

In Chile, extends its activity from the sea to the mountains: from the fishermen's coves living near the sea to the isolated and remote households in the Andes Mountains. The Foundation is active with the electricity access programme in the Coquimbo region. Its first project with Luz en Casa was in Caleta Maitencillo, where it benefited families of algae fishermen who previously only had access to electricity with gasoline generators. Currently, it has extended access to all the provinces of the Coquimba region: Elquí, Limarí and Choapa.

Each beneficiary community has unique needs. In the first households, Luz en Casa improves the quality of life of families of algae fishermen living in the fishing areas. Currently, we continue to reach communities in coves with similar characteristics and, in addition, we are expanding the areas of action to the most remote households in the Andes. They are isolated families in the mountains and without a nucleus of union: the last mile.

In the Andes, families are dedicated to livestock farming, mainly goats. They are shepherds who practice transhumance and migrate with their livestock to Argentina to new pastures. After some months away, they return to their homes for dairy and meat production. Now, with solar home systems installed in their households, they improve their working conditions by having electricity to connect small appliances that allow them to refrigerate and preserve their production. Of course, they can light up at night and can also watch TV and use tablets or phones.

Access to households to provide electricity to families is a challenge because the geographic and isolation conditions are extreme. For this reason, they do not have access to electricity by conventional means and, as in the rest of the countries where it is present, cooperates with the undersupplied people to offer access to the service with a model that guarantees sustainability and facilitates the affordability of the service.

Since began its activity in Chile in 2021, almost 500 people have benefited from access to sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity with Luz en Casa Coquimbo. The Foundation will continue to bring basic services to Chile where, according to the Chilean Ministry of Energy, there are still nearly 30,000 households with no or partial access to electricity in the country.