We bring potable water service to new communities in Oaxaca

  • We provide access to drinking water to three new indigenous communities, without secure access to water, in Oaxaca. This project is in alliance with Rotoplas.
  • More than 200 people will benefit from this project that ensure access to water, through the installation of 50 Rural Rainwater Harvesting System (in Spanish is SCALL), and their sustainable management, through EncASa Centres.

Picture: Woman beneficiary of access to drinking water next to her SCALL.


acciona.org extends access to safe drinking water in three new communities in Oaxaca, Mexico, through the installation of 50 Rural Rainwater Harvesting System (in Spanish is SCALL) and 5,000 l. tanks in partnership with Rotoplas, water solutions provider. The project will benefit more than 200 people who, currently, only have access to poor water quality from streams and springs.

The communities benefiting from the project expansion are San José Arroyo Copete and Rancho La Palma, in the municipality of San Juan Lalana, and San Antonio del Valle, in the municipality of San Juan Mazatlán. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), approximately 80% of the households in these communities do not have potable water service; therefore, most families are supplied by natural sources with water that is unfit for human consumption.

The alliance between acciona.org and Rotoplas brings together the experience and resources to develop access to basic water service and impact on the development of people. Rural Rainwater Harvesting System are very useful in an area where climatic conditions and annual rainfall are favorable, according to studies.

acciona.org manages socialization work and training with the beneficiary communities. The Foundation is also responsible for ensuring long-term supply and maintenance of the systems. This sustainability service is provided through a user service centre (EncASa Centre).

The work model of acciona.org consists of providing sustainable long-term services, with renewable technologies, community training and support. acciona.org promotes beneficiaries to become agents of change committed to the maintenance of these solutions that increase the resilience of their communities to climate change.

The alliance between acciona.org and Rotoplas is an example of how partnerships are important to achieve benefits for communities living in poverty.

acciona.org is in Mexico since 2012 and reaches nearly 700 communities in Oaxaca, San Luis Potosí, Nuevo León and Chiapas. Almost 36,000 people in Mexico benefit daily from its safe electricity, water, sanitation and cooking services.