We installed our first photovoltaic system for collective self-consumption in Spain

  • We have completed the installation of our first photovoltaic system for collective self-consumption in the town of San Juan del Puerto (Huelva) to reduce the electricity bills of 43 families and benefit 9 public buildings.
  • This is our first project in Spain to reduce the risk of energy poverty in households and the municipal carbon footprint.

At acciona.org we continue developing the collective self-consumption project with the construction of the photovoltaic system in San Juan del Puerto. In addition, we have developed workshops with the families in collaboration with the local council.

This project was approved by the local council in September 2021. The solar photovoltaic station installed has a power of almost 100 kWp and it is located on the roof of the Municipal Sports Center. The energy generated is used free of charge. On the one hand, it is used to reduce the electricity bill of households in risk of energy poverty. On the other hand, it is used for the consumption of public buildings, ensuring an economic saving for the local council compared to his conventional rate.

A total of 43 households have been selected by the Social Services area of the local council according to previously established socioeconomic guideline. Each year they will make a review to incorporate more households and to renew the agreement for the households already benefited.

The families have been informed about the benefits of the project and the positive impact on their home economics. In addition, the acciona.org Foundation, the local council of San Juan del Puerto and the Provincial Energy Agency of Huelva organized a workshop with the families.

About 30 people participated in the workshop. The Energy Agency explained the necessary concepts to understand the different parts of the electricity bill and to know the most convenient contracting alternatives for each case. Many of the participants asked their doubts and presented their particular cases. In addition, the Agency explicated guidelines for efficient energy uses practices: air conditioning, lighting, household appliances and bioclimatic. All this, adapted to the specific climatic conditions of San Juan del Puerto.

Finally, from acciona.org we reported on the current state of progress of the project: execution of work and administrative procedures. Also, we communicated the next steps that households will have to take to implement the collective self-consumption and to receive economic savings on their electricity bills.

This collective self-consumption project in San Juan del Puerto is the first initiative in our proposal for a new model to combat energy poverty in Spanish households that cannot meet their basic energy supply needs due to the difficulty of paying for it. In this way, we continue to promote access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.


+ info: acciona.org/foundation/self-consumption-san-juan/