We extend access to drinking water in Oaxaca

  • We provide new sustainable infrastructures that guarantee access to drinking water and sanitation in remote communities in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • We develop a project, in partnership with the Mexican company Rotoplas, that improves the quality of life of almost 100 people.

acciona.org Mexico and Rotoplas develop in alliance a project to improve the quality of life of 25 families in Oaxaca. To this aim, we have installed systems of access to drinking water in their households.

This development cooperation project meets our requirements for its implementation: remote communities, poverty people, isolated households without access to water and not expectations of having it. According to Mexico's National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), around 60% of households without piped water are located in Oaxaca.

We have selected the Zapotec communities of Nisayola, El Huajal, Macauite, Agua León and El Tablón. Almost 100 people from these 5 communities of San Pedro Quiatoni have access to water and sanitation directly in their households now.

For this project, acciona.org work in partnership with Rotoplas, a company dedicated to the manufacture of water storage tanks and water filtration. We have studied the climatic conditions of the areas of activity and decided that the most appropriate solution is the Rural Rainwater Harvesting System (in Spanish is SCALL). It is a sustainable eco-technologies system that is supplied only by rainwater. We have been installed 25 SCALL, one for each household.

In order to make this project sustainable, people benefited, Water Committees and an EncASa Center are actively involved in its development. This partnership ''support and strengthen the participation of local communities in improving water and sanitation management'', as stated in the SDG 6 targets: Clean Water and Sanitation.

This partnership with Rotoplas promotes safe access to an essential natural resource, water, so that the beneficiaries can meet their basic needs and live in dignity. The people benefited of this alliance are people living in poverty or extreme poverty who did not have clean water in their households. Now, with these sustainable infrastructures, they avoid: collecting water from the rivers manually, a traditional women task; buying plastic water bottles; and boiling water to drink every day.

acciona.org Mexico is already improving the quality of life of more than 36,000 people in Mexico with the EncASa and Luz en Casa programmes to provide drinking water, sanitation, access to safe electricity and clean cooking.


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