New video presenting

  • The Foundation has a new video presenting its activity of provision of access to energy, water and sanitation to the most underserved population.
  • This video shows the work carried out and the plans for the future to contribute to leaving no one behind in the global development due to lack of those basic services & infrastructures.

We share this new video presenting our activity of provision of access to reliable, sustainable and affordable energy, water & sanitation to underserved communities, where there are no plans of bringing those services and infrastructures through traditional means with distribution networks.

This activity we carry out since more than 11 years ago benefits, up to now, about 60,000 poor & extremely poor people in Peru, Mexico and Panama. Today, we work to increase the number of beneficiaries in these regions, as well as in additional ones, because although the considerable efforts made during the last years, there is still a wide gap to reduce in having access to energy, water and sanitation, which are essential for human development.