More than 500 additional households in Luz en Casa Ngäbe-Buglé

  • has started a new phase to supply solar home systems that provide access to the electricity basic service in the Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous region (Panama).
  • More than 500 households get the access to the electricity service of Luz en Casa Ngäbe-Buglé, which will reach 1,400 households attended.
  • executes these works in a public-private partnership for development with AECID and in coordination with the Panama Rural Electrification Bureau.

We continue scaling up the Luz en Casa programme in the Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous region, in Panama, with a new phase of delivery to bring access to the electricity basic service to more than 500 families in territories where it works for the first time, such as Dikeri, Cerro Puerco and Diko districts.

This delivery ends the project started in 2019 that we execute in public-private partnership for development with AECID –the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation– and that we coordinate with the Panama Rural Electrification Bureau. During the last months, about 500 families have been joined the Luz en Casa Ngäbe-Buglé programme with it, as well as one Centro Luz en Casa has been started in the locality of Llano Majagua to give customer service together with the centre existing in Chichica.

The activity during this year in these Panamanian communities, as well as in the rest of locations where we develop our programmes, has been carried out meeting the imposed restrictions and taking the necessary protection measures to guarantee the health of the staff and the users, facing the expansion of the COVID-19.

This new phase of delivery of more than 500 solar home systems benefits the same number of families with the access to electricity of Luz en Casa Ngäbe-Buglé. In addition, a new Centro Luz en Casa is going to be started. Thus, the programme will reach about 1,400 households attended, that is, 8,000 people in remote indigenous communities. and the Sustainable Development Goals

The access to the Luz en Casa Ngäbe-Buglé’s basic electricity service impacts positively on the economy, society and environment of the beneficiaries of this action, which is aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) included in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda.

At we work to bring access to energy, water and sanitation to very low-income people who live not being included in any plan of extension of those services, for which we apply technological and managerial innovation criteria. Thus, we contribute to achieve the SDG directly related SDG6 on water & sanitation, SDG7 on sustainable & affordable energy, and SDG9 on resilient infrastructures and promotion of innovation. That contribution is part of the ACCIONA commitment to the SDG’s.

We also favour the achievement of other SDG’s through the positive impacts of its activity resulting in reduction of poverty, improvement of health, education, equality, work, etc., as well as through the collaborative view with which we execute our actions, such as the public-private partnership for development that carries out Luz en Casa Ngäbe-Buglé.


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