Official visit with our partners in EncASa Oaxaca to the first systems installed within the project

  • The EncASa Oaxaca 2018 project is ongoing with having installed some demonstrative water, sanitation and cooking systems, as well as having developed their corresponding previous, training sessions with the locals.
  • Recently, representatives from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation and the Government of the State of Oaxaca –our partners in the project- visited communities where some of those demonstrative systems are already working.

The EncASa Oaxaca 2018 project, which we develop in partnership with the Government of the State of Oaxaca, through its Infrastructure and Sustainable Territory Development Secretary –so called SINFRA–, and the Spanish and Mexican Agencies for International Development Cooperation –so called AECID and AMEXCID respectively–, continues progressing with the goal of bringing access to electricity to 1,000 households and executing a pilot to bring access to water, sanitation and cook stoves to at least 50 ones.

In order to get to know those advances on site, Enrique Toledo –Manager at in Mexico– accompanied Jose Navarro –Head of Programmes at AECID–, Fabian Alejandro Vazquez –Undersecretary for Territory Planning at SINFRA–, and Sinai Casillas –Director of Settlements at SINFRA–, to the communities of San Miguel Ecatepec and Lic. Ignacio Martinez Bautista in Oaxaca (Mexico). They visited some homes where demonstrative systems have been installed to give water, sanitation, cooking and electricity services.

Inhabitants of those localities told their stories and explained the improvements in their living conditions and family habits to the visitors. All of them showed their satisfaction with the service, and gave evidence of their identification with the actions as well as the partners of the project, and they expressed their gratitude to them for both having given support and making things easier during the mounting of the systems.

“The lack of electricity, access to drinking water or sanitation systems provokes many problems in our communities. Today, our quality of life is changing by having access to water, sanitation, firewood-saver cook stoves and electricity systems”. This was the testimony of the inhabitants of the visited communities. and the Sustainable Development Goals

The access to basic services provided by EncASa Oaxaca impacts positively on the economy, society and environment of the beneficiaries of this action, which is aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) included in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda.

At we work to bring access to energy, water and sanitation to very low-income people who live not being included in any plan of extension of those service, for which we apply technological and managerial innovation criteria. Thus, we contribute to achieve the SDG directly related SDG6 on water & sanitation, SDG7 on sustainable & affordable energy, and SDG9 on resilient infrastructures and promotion of innovation. That contribution is part of the ACCIONA commitment to the SDG’s.

We also favour the achievement of other SDG’s through the positive impacts of our activity resulting in reduction of poverty, improvement of health, education, equality, work, etc., as well as through the collaborative view with which we execute our actions, such as the public-private partnership for development that carries out EncASa Oaxaca.


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