Start of the Classroom on Innovation in Access to Basic Services

  • We create together with the Technical University of Madrid’s Innovation and Technology for Development Centre (itdUPM) a collaborative space to promote and spread innovative actions for the access of vulnerable population to basic services.

The ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation and the Technical University of Madrid’s Innovation and Technology for Development Centre (itdUPM), partners in several projects since some years ago and co-founders of the Table on Universal Access to Energy, have started the ACCIONA Microenergia’s Classroom on Innovation in Access to Basic Services.

This space is created to promote training, investigation and development, as well as knowledge dissemination and transference, in the area of the technological & organizational innovation in providing the most vulnerable population with access to basic services (energy, water, sanitation and other infrastructures). With this aim the classroom is going to comprise different types of activities in relation to the subject of study, such as the promotion of internships and scholarships, release of technical publications, writing of technical studies or holding meetings and workshops.

The Classroom started with the (Im)probable Conversation about “Models of Access to Electricity. Social Entrepreneurship” on January 25th 2018, at the itdUPM space in Madrid. These conversations, which were begun by itdUPM in 2017, are open sessions to converse, inspire and co-create initiatives, activities and relevant subjects related to Sustainability and Development.

ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation

ACCIONA Microenergia is the ACCIONA’s corporate foundation. Its aim is the development cooperation by promoting the access to basic services and infrastructures of people and communities without expectations of covering those needs. Its activity is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, especially to the SDG6 for access to water and sanitation and SDG7 for access to energy, and also impacts on those SDG’s related to alleviation of poverty, improvement of health, work, gender equality, etc.


itdUPM is an interdisciplinary centre channelling and driving the contribution of the Technical University of Madrid to the Human Development and Sustainability Agenda, in particular to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the General Assembly of United Nations in 2015. By means of its integrated approach, itdUPM applies the innovation to solve problems related to the global lack of sustainability.