We rely on the generous collaboration of people looking for a better world

The acciona.org volunteers

Since we are a corporate foundation, acciona.org promotes the volunteering among the ACCIONA employees, by offering a response to those looking for involving in aid work. At the same time, we make the personnel to get to know the importance of the universal access to basic services for Development and, within this setting, our activities. Occasionally volunteers coming from other organizations, with which we work habitually, participates in our initiatives too.

About 200 volunteers have collaborated with acciona.org, by supporting unselfishly with resources (time, knowledge, etc.), in person or on-line:

  • They go to the operation areas to collaborate with our local organizations in implementing the projects on site, or they go to our offices to assist us technically, managerially and by spreading our activities.
  • On-line, they collaborate in searching feasible technical and managerial solutions to give access to basic services for development cooperation, as well as they give technical assistance to some aspects of our activity.


    • Gabriela Martínez ACCIONA Service, Peru. 2018

    • Rafael Moreno ACCIONA Construcción. 2017

    • BRENDA OCAMPO ACCIONA Energía. 2017

    • Eduardo Izquierdo ACCIONA Energía. 2016

    • José Félix Toribio ACCIONA Green Energy Developments. 2015, 2016

    • David Plaza EROM. 2015

    • Cristina Torres ACCIONA Energía. 2015, 2016

    • Ana Belén Quintano ACCIONA Energía. 2014

    • Javier de Felipe ACCIONA Energía. 2013

    • Estefanía Jato ACCIONA Engineering 2012

    • Cecilia Pintos Volunteer 2011

    • Fernando Justo ACCIONA Services. 2010