Manager in Mexico explains the offered service conditions to users



In order to accomplish our mission of providing access to basic services and infrastructures, at we perform our actions by following an activity model that makes us different from other organizations with a similar mission since:

  • We focus on what we know how to do

    Our activity is related to those aspects of ACCIONA businesses directly impacting on the human development: energy, water and sanitation. For this reason, we lean on the knowledge and experience of its companies, as well as its employees through the corporate volunteering.
  • We prioritize the most underserved communities

    We work with rural, urban and suburban communities -living in poverty or extreme poverty- without prospects of having access to basic services and infrastructures in a conventional way (connection to distribution networks).
  • We look for the long-term sustainability

    We put the service delivery (indefinitely) at the core of our actions, over the project implementation (for a limited time). With this aim, we create, in the countries of activity, nonprofit organizations which are our subisidaries acting as if they were public utilities.
  • We work in collaboration with other actors

    We join forces with stakeholders coming from national and international public, private and academia sectors, as well as the civil society, locals... with which we share objectives of development cooperation.



As a result of putting into action all these principles, at we accomplish our mission of providing access to energy, water & sanitation by developing service delivery models tailored to every setting of operation, which stand out due to be:


  • Technologically innovative

    We apply tested, modern and appropriate solutions to each site.
  • Managerially innovative

    We drive a multi-stakeholder management counting on:
    • Our local organizations acting as social, public utilities in the area of operation.
    • Partners and other actors, such as authorities, cooperation agencies and other organizations with interest or working in the country and the area of operation, to join and coordinate efforts.
    • The users of our services who involve in meeting the service conditions (payments and systems basic maintenance) and participate in the representative bodies of their communities to manage the actions.
    • Microbusinesses we drive among users and local entrepreneurs, who are trained specifically to offer technical services and sale of equipment in order to ensure the best performance of the systems provided.
  • Economically sustainable and affordable

    We count on the economic contribution from users (payment for the service), as well as subsidies from the public sector.